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Q: What is Pgadget?
A: Pgadget is a Malaysian-based company specialising in design and production of personalised mobile phone casing. We use polycarbonate resin for our cases. Rest assured, this is not your average plastic, You can upload any images and use our online customisation tools to enhance your design. It does not just stop there, we also collaborate with well-known celebrities and artists. This allows them to incorporate their own designs and artworks on our cases for their fans to purchase. Lastly, we have also created a collection of artworks in our website for you to choose from. You can start your design here.

Q: Why do I need to customise my phone case?
A: Good question. Previously cases were used to merely protect the phone. But as time evolves, phone cases are fast becoming an extension of one's accessories and fashion statement. Prior to this, most cases were somewhat uniform in design, colour and shapes. From that emerged the demand to incorporate personal touch to the casing so that it not just differs from others but also as a testament of one's personal glory. That’s the reason why Pgadget is offering something artistic and creating values to your mobile cases. Our cases are made from a special material called Lexan which produced by General Electric (GE) in the United States. This special plastic material is durable, possess an optical clarity and more flexible compared to the ordinary plastic cases.

Q: What kind of designs you have?
A: We are offering 3 types of designs for your phone cases. You may upload the images from computer or mobile phone and create your own one of a kind design. Secondly, you can customise these cases using art elements found in the artist collaboration pages or simply browse our pre-designed collection and pick up what caught your eyes.

Q: What type of device available at PMC now?
A: For the time being, we have Apple,Samsung,Sony Xperia,HTC,Lenovo,Xiaomi,Oppo and NEXUS. If you need something else, just give us a shout. Once we reach the tipping point then we will start produce those requested items.

Q: What is the printing quality?
A: We use the newly developed 3-D and 2-D high resolution ink-embedded process to produce these cases. This intelligent ink transfer process surpasses the current technology of silk screen and heat transfer method. The ink seeps through the casing and trapped underneath its 'skin' permanently. This resulting in immaculate colour that will never fade or peel-off.

Q: Will my case look exactly how I designed it?
A: Our sophisticated process undertakes replicating as close as possible the colour from your master copy. However due to potential differences between your monitor’s colour calibration settings and our technology, the colour you see on your screen and the colour on the case might have a slight variance, if not at all. But don’t worry, your case will look awesome when it reaches you.

Q: Will it fit precisely onto my phone?
A: Absolutely. That’s why you must know which model you are using and select the option carefully. If you get the wrong case, this could be a mess!

Q: Does this case offer complete shock protection?
A: Yes. Our cases will be able to protect your phone against everyday wear and tear but not if you planning to hurl it at the wall.

Q: Can I return or exchange my custom designed cases?
A: So sorry. If it is custom made, then we are unable to exchange unless there is a physical damage to the products when it arrives at your destination.

Q: Can I return or exchange pre-designed cases?
A: Yes. You may return pre-designed cases within 7 days from purchase if there is physical damage to the products.

Q: Do you have a warranty?
A: Of course. We let you to take advantage of our 7 days limited warranty for pre-designed and custom cases against the damage in printing quality.

Q: How long do you take to deliver my custom case?
A: Once your purchase is confirmed, it will take 2-5 days to delivery in you are in Malaysia (inc Sabah & Sarawak). 7-10 days if you are in other countries.

Q: Can I collect the case at your office?
A: Sure, you can. You may visit our store at No. 25, Tingkat Bunga Puteh 1,Taman Boon Bak,31650 Ipoh Malaysia. Please notify us earlier via our email after you make the purchase.

Q: May I submit order for customisation at your outlets?
A: Sorry,we are unable to do so. Everything from designing and purchasing is conducted on this website only or can contact us thru whatsapp at +6016 5460532.

Q: My own device isn’t available here, what can I do?
A: More cases are coming soon. Let us know what you need so that we can rush the process for you. Click here

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